Sunday, July 01, 2007

She's trying to communicate:)

Sophia is slowly connecting verbally with her world...and boy, is it adorable! She started off several weeks ago saying "dadadada" which made her daddy very proud (and of course left me feeling a little jealous:-) But now she actually says "mamamama" even when you prompt her to say "dada"...(smiling smugly:-)

But the cutest one we've heard so far is her new friendly greeting...she says, "Hi!". Soooo cute. But it's usually not just a short, sweet "hi". She likes to draw it out. Imagine a little hi pitched voice saying, "HHHHIIIIiiiiii...." to you. Makes you kinda smile, doesn't it.

Justin's family came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Here's a beach pic of Grandpa, Sophia and me enjoying the beautiful view.

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