Friday, February 24, 2006

I can't believe it!

Hi! I'm Katie. I just found out that I'm going to be a MOM! The girls at Chic Blvd have invited me to share this CRAZY and EXCITING story with you and take you along on this journey.

In August 2005, my husband Justin and I moved across the country from Illinois where we left behind our dear family and friends to start a new adventure of our own in California. MUCH to our surprise, part of that adventure in the NEAR future would include a little addition to our family! We're SO excited and a little nervous too.

It was on January 7th (after thinking I had the flu for a week) that I decided to take "the test" to rule out the possibility of being pregnant. I took it discreetly, not wanting to scare Justin with a "false alarm". But false alarm, it was not!

"Mom-in-Training Side note”: For those mom's-to-be who don't know this (like me) there is virtually NEVER the possibility of having a "false positive" with a pregnancy test...if you see 2 lines, you almost certainly have a munchkin on the way :)

The next week I went to the Doctor to verify that this was actually happening! This day, which was my BIRTHDAY!, it was confirmed that we were "EXPECTING",...but we definitely were not "expecting" to be "expecting":) I received the best birthday present EVER...I was able to see our baby's heartbeat for the was AMAZING. The Doctor confirmed from the ultrasound that the baby was 7 weeks along. It moved me to tears to see this little being, the size of a peanut, which will soon change our lives.

Well girls...I'm going to have to stop the story there for now. My hubby and I are headed out for this Friday evening. We're going to take advantage of getting out for a night without finding a babysitter :)

Thank you Chic Blvd for inviting me to share this new path we're traveling!

Sunday, February 12, 2006