Thursday, May 11, 2006

24 weeks and overwhelmed by baby stuff....

Whew…I just got done registering…well, started anyway. My head is spinning. What’s the best crib mattress, excersaucer, car seat, stroller???…so many options and opinions! It’s hard to believe we’ll need all this stuff for a tiny little baby. We have plenty of room in our apartment for our new little girl…it’s all these other baby items that I’m worried about finding a place for!

One item I’ve already found a place for is our new “Poodle Shag” blanket from Baby Jake’s! This blanket is great. I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s a feather soft chenille blanket (ours is “pink” on one side and “chocolate” on the other…so cute!) that we can use in our little girl’s crib or bassinet…it’ll also make a great stroller blanket. I’m going to get all of my snuggle time in with this blanket before I have to share:)

I did discover a good strategy that I’d like to pass on. If you register at some stores online, you can read the reviews on the products to find out which ones other parents would recommend and why. I found this to be SUPER helpful not knowing the differences between types and brands of products…for example: a Fischer Price or Baby Bjorn bouncy seat…is there really that big of a difference between the two?? These are the questions I need answers to!

Little Baby Girl has been getting more active everyday. Justin is starting to be able to feel her kicking from the outside. It’s amazing to be reminded each time I feel her moving around that there’s a little life growing in there. I just can’t wait to meet her!

I feel extra large right now and I’m at 24 weeks, only a little over half way there. I can’t imagine how much I’ll be waddling around in a few months. But good news…no stretchmarks yet! Hopefully keeping my belly slathered with lotion is helping!

Justin and I took a weekend get away to San Diego last week. Trying to get as many of those in as we can before we have to start finding babysitters! We did a lot of walking. I’m sure glad I had a pair of Mommy Sox with me! These socks are a great item for any pregnant momma with achy feet. They have arch support bands and cushioned zones on the heels and balls of the feet to help with the extra pounds I’m walking around with these days.